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About Us

Imagine a platform where all buyers and sellers are connected in ONE platform

INVICTUS is a Singapore based Fintech Company created with the sole purpose of improving the supply chain management cycle by enabling secure and cashless financing with Blockchain Smart Contract.



The INVICTUS Solution

Connecting Buyers and Suppliers Globally

Logistics Management 


Real-time updates and approval to increase efficiency 

Manage your inventory to prevent over or under ordering

Track and manage invoices easily to manage cash flow

Providing Access to Cash through Liquidity Providers


Key Challenges

Faced by Buyers and Suppliers


High Overhead Costs

Manual Documentation and Filing of Invoices

Inventory Management

Credit Terms and Cash Flow

Different Accounting Systems used by their Suppliers 

Lack of Trust and Transparency in Invoices


Late Payments by Buyers

High Risk of Non-Performing Loans given to Buyers

Long and Manual Order Process

Inventory Management

Lack of Trust and Transparency in Invoices

Manual Documentation of Invoices

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